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Switchgear engineering

Switchgear collects and distributes electrical energy from the places where it is generated to the places where it is used, via the various levels of grid infrastructure. The extensive primary and secondary technology involved makes switchgear systems extremely complex. Our experts are perfectly equipped to handle the diverse requirements involved in switchgear engineering.


Our services range from planning and construction to maintenance and disassembly of switchgear. SPIE customers receive tailor-made solutions based on the grid operation processes and life cycles of the equipment involved.


We perform all services relating to switchgear engineering:

  • Planning, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all high-voltage switchgear up to 400 kV
  • Planning, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of medium-voltage switchgear from 6 kV upwards (air- and gas-insulated technology)
  • Planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of compensation systems up to 400 kV
  • Field installation cable hire
  • Secondary switchgear technology
  • Non-manufacturer-affiliated commissioning and safety testing
  • Earthing measurements
  • High-voltage interference calculations and measurements


SPIE has expert knowledge of the various technical standards for switchgear in different countries and among different grid operators. Our strengths lie in our years of experience and the interconnected expertise of our companies in Germany and abroad.


Renting services of field installation cables

We can offer you a broad range of services relating to switchgear engineering. With field installation cable hire, SPIE gives you flexible options for your project. Field installation cables are energy cables used for temporarily connecting equipment on the high-voltage grid, such as for bypassing during temporary construction work, re-allocating circuits, providing emergency supplies to transformer stations or during repair and maintenance work.

The single-core, PEX-insulated high-voltage cables for temporary use and available in a range of specifications, as shown in the following table under 'Versions'.


How to rent our field installation cables

Use the contact form (only available in German) to select the version of the field installation cable that interests you. Our experts will immediately check availability and contact you to discuss the next steps. Note: when you submit the contact form, this does not constitute a contract between you as an interested party and SPIE; you are merely indicating your interest.



Rapid response to faults and construction projects

In the event of faults in overhead lines or underground cables, field installation cables make it possible to restore energy transmission at a moment's notice.

During renovations to a transformer station, for example, short connections between transformers and switchgear or overhead lines can be installed quickly.

Field installation cables share a structure with high-voltage cables. They often have thin insulating walls to make them easier to handle on the construction site.

Composition: multi-core copper conductor, IEC 60228 class 2, internal conductive layer, insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), external conductive layer, conductive bedding, copper shield, bedding, PE sheath.

PEX insulation for the 110 kV level, a copper wire shield and a robust HDPE sheath complete the structure of the lightweight cable.


Flexible and quick to deploy

To ensure rapid and simple availability, these field installation cables can be purchased with pre-fabricated, flexible open-air terminations, on special spools. Details on installing and operating the field installation cables are available with corresponding instructions.

Our field installation cables have a conductor cross-section of 300 mm² for copper conductors and 500 mm² for aluminium. They measure between 40 m and 250 m in length. Transport takes place on single-chamber or triple-chamber spools. Installation can be included in the service if required.

SPIE also offers services such as installation or repair of high-voltage cables.


Special features

Optimised cable design for minimal bending radii.

Reduced insulating wall thicknesses to reduce weight and improve handling.

Flexible and lightweight silicone sealing terminations make the cables easier to handle for use in any position.

Due to their low inherent weight, the sealing terminations can be operated without a separate supporting structure.

Special single-chamber and triple-chamber spools simplify transport to the site and make the cables easier to handle there. The special drum design also makes it possible to wind and unwind the cable safely, including the lightweight sealing terminations.


Technical data

  • Operating voltage: 110 kV (maximum permissible: 123 kV).
  • High current capacity of up to 750 A, depending on ambient conditions and installation type; approximately 700 A is realistic in practice.
  • Available lengths:
    Six drums, each with 200 metres of single-conductor cable.
    Six drums, each with 300 metres of single-conductor cable.
    Possible total length of up to 1,000 metres in the triple-conductor system.
    The low external diameter (59 mm), relatively low weight (5.2 kg/m) of the single-conductor cables and minimal bending radii (>885 mm) enable fast installation and simple handling
  • Insulation coordination: lightning impulse voltage level of the sealing terminations used is 350 and 450 kV.