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Research and technology center

Our research and technology center (German: Versuchs- und Technologiezentrum, VTZ) is a manufacturer-neutral, accredited audit institute for the study of components, assemblies and complex energy supply systems. Since founding the VTZ in 1969, we have built up our unique expertise.
We examine the operational integrity and safety of systems and analyse the interaction of individual components and systems. The services of our experienced professionals range from simple tensile audits up to multi-stage audit series — using the the latest testing and measurement technology. We also develop new processes for refurbishing and modernising existing supply infrastructures in terms of technical, economical and ecological aspects.

Range of services:

  • Type audits according to international and specific standards
  • Qualification audits for high-temperature conductors
  • Mechanical and electrical audits
  • Experiments with static and dynamic stresses
  • Material studies
  • Corrosion and ageing audits
  • Fatigue audits
  • Damage diagnosis and surveying
  • Condition assessment and evaluation of individual components up to entire networks
  • Development of refurbishment techniques and concepts (e.g. concrete/ steel mast refurbishment)