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A decisive contribution to the success of the energy transition through the intelligent networking of electric vehicles is attributed to the infrastructure for charging vehicles. The projected total of around 1 million electric cars that are to be put on the road in Germany in the next few years must also be provided with a suitable supply infrastructure. SPIE is not merely supporting the path leading to the corresponding network expansion, but is pro-actively shaping it by making the infrastructure of the future available today.

With appliances from SPIE, it is possible to charge the car wherever it normally spends any length of time: in the garage at home or during normal business hours while you are at work. Accordingly, the product range includes the simple wall box for Mode 3 charging in domestic garages as well as complex charging stations or master/slave systems for use in parking facilities. Combined with a billing system, there are no limits to the system’s ability to process charging information such as the amount, duration and location of charging.

Our many years of automation experience acquired in diverse branches of industry combined with open communication standards such as Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) allow both standard as well as customized programming from a single source.

Our offers and services:

  • Charging infrastructures
  • AC and DC charging systems
  • Establishing the communication and charging infrastructure
  • Programming standard and custom control systems
  • Process and system integration
  • Project-oriented solutions
  • Technical conception and planning
  • Installation, service and remote maintenance

Commercial electric vehicles compared

How do the actual total costs of a commercial electric vehicle compare with those of a diesel or petrol vehicle? How are the total costs likely to develop in the coming years, and what influence do ownership periods and annual mileage have? These and other questions are addressed by the TCO calculator of the parallel impact research.