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SPIE in-house technicians are your contacts on the ground – in your building or in your property. In addition to carrying out all types of repairs and maintenance, our technicians also act as the interface to the suppliers and subcontractors that provide services in your building. They coordinate and monitor the service delivery and are your point of contact to all companies. Our in-house technicians are not only your service provider – they are also members of your team. This is how they view themselves and their role.

Our technicians are responsible for ensuring the proper condition of the building or even an entire site. They carry out regular inspections of the technical systems and processes and of areas inside the property as well as the grounds. 

Our SPIE technicians are entrusted with the following tasks

  • Monitoring buildings, grounds and underground car parks
  • Fault clearance at all plants
  • Functional testing and repairs to doors, windows, gates
  • Inspecting emergency Exits and routes
  • Inspecting lightning protection systems
  • Checking radiators and replacing thermostats
  • Checking lighting and replacing light sources
  • Inspecting and repairing sanitary facilities
  • Checking that roofs are in flawless condition
  • Regular visual inspections of the entire property to ensure cleanliness and order
  • Appointing and supervising external companies on the premises,
    coordinating subcontractors
  • Coordinating authorities, inspections and acceptances
  • Managing reporting