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The energy and media supply on a property is critical for the operation of the entire site and, of course, for production. We ensure the media supply, which means that we not only source and purchase media but also deliver them to all necessary feed-in points. We also ensure that they are correctly distributed on your premises.

Our media deliveries include: 

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Electric power
  • Air
  • Steam
  • Compressed air
  • Waste-air treatment
  • Waste-water
  • Process water
  • And more


We offer a range of contract models that guarantee you energy savings. We help our customers lower their operating costs, operate their energy systems more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions. We plan and implement efficient solutions and continuously monitor the plant’s condition and energy consumption. Over the past 30 years, we have successfully realised more than 140 projects in the most diverse sectors.

Our contract models are always oriented towards your needs and wishes.
We begin by evaluating your initial situation. We then plan and present you with a contract model tailored to your needs. This model guarantees you the highest degree of transparency. It also guarantees that you will actually achieve the energy savings it specifies.

This is how it works:
After performing a rough analysis based on previous energy consumption, the condition of the plant, usage conditions and plant utilisation, our energy experts from SPIE determine the achievable savings or optimisation potential and the level of investment required. This is followed by an economic assessment and a feasibility study. 

Only when you are satisfied with our proposals do we enter the next phase and provide a detailed analysis. We develop a savings concept with a binding savings guarantee, for which we bear the efficiency risk. Should you decide to commission us to realise the project, we will conclude the binding contract.