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Energy systems

- Cogeneration
   plants/CHP plants
- Heating boilers
- Heat recovery
- Steam turbines
- Emergency power systems
- Absorptions chillers
- Filter systems
- Power self-supply
- Ammonia-powered
 heat pumps
- Cooling towers



We Analyse companies and their behaviour with energy in an holistic approach. This allows us to find integrated energy management solutions that meet our customers’ processes and requirements. Your control room with all its energy systems is in the best of hands with our specialists from the SPIE Energy Solutions division. Our team comprises specialist engineers with process expertise in a wide range of industries. Whether you are operating in the food industry, rubber industry, the healthcare sector or in energy-intensive areas such as the glass industry – we know your energy language.

The technical control room with a combined cooling, heat and power system (CCHP) for the cogeneration of electricity, heat, steam and cooling can act as the heart of the energy systems on large premises. Naturally, we also support all the associated energy systems, such as boiler plants and the cooling, cool water, compressed air and vacuum units. We construct, modernise and optimise your energy systems. We use our holistic approach to achieve optimised energy management certified to ISO 50001 and DIN EN 16247. Our experts are happy to advise you in this area and to implement this type of solution in your company.   

In the context of renewable energy, we offer long-term, efficient and legally secure operation of geothermal plants (ORC), biogas plants and wood-fired or combined heat and power stations.

In general, we work with the following media: heat, steam, cooling, cool water, compressed air, vacuum, water and light. 

We provide the following related services:

  • Concepts for increasing energy efficiency
  • Planning of new energy supply systems
  • Implementing the planned measures
  • Operating and servicing the implemented measures for the contractual duration
  • Implementing Energy Management ISO 50001
  • Energy procurement
  • Monitoring systems for energy consumption
  • Energy audits
  • Energy support analyses (subsidies)
  • Lighting concepts


In this context, we focus on the following points:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Contractually assured savings
  • Increasing plant availability
  • Uninterruptible useful energy supply

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