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Carlos Wallner
Nägelsbachstraße 26
91052 Erlangen
Phone:09131 9074350
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Construction, conversion and redevelopment of:

- Office space
- Executive board areas
- Laboratories
- Cleanrooms
- Data centres



We carry out renovation and modernisation work for individual areas as well as for entire buildings. We oversee the entire process from planning and construction through to the execution of construction work and all the way to the accompanying quality control procedures for buildings.

When it comes to the redevelopment of office and sanitary areas, we have standardised our business.
This allows you to choose from a range of modules that you can combine to suit your requirements – with the reassurance of knowing that our strictest internal quality standards will be met at all times. General conditions and boundaries are clearly defined in advance, thus guaranteeing you transparency and reliability when it comes to the implementation. You can easily select and combine the individual modules on our web platform, just as you would in an online shop. This allows us to provide you with a quotation quickly, and it allows you to start your conversion as soon as possible.

The parameters that make our conversion business and your conversion measure successful are

  • Standardised processes for execution 
  • Interdisciplinary project organisation, with a contact partner for the customer
  • Regular meetings ensure transparency
  • Consistent documentation for auditing