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SPIE manages your building. This means that we handle all the administrative, operational and structural measures to maintain and enhance the value of your building.

In-house technician services
SPIE in-house technicians are your contacts on site – in your building or in your property. In addition to carrying out all types of repairs and maintenance, in-house technicians also act as the interface to the suppliers and subcontractors that provide services in your building. They coordinate and monitor the service delivery and are your point of contact to all companies. Our technicians are responsible for ensuring the proper condition of the building or even an entire site. They carry out regular inspections of the technical systems and processes and of areas inside the property as well as the grounds.
Our building technicians are not only your service provider – they are also members of your team. This is how they view themselves and their role.

Legal certainty
Naturally, we always act in accordance with the relevant legislation. We maintain close contacts with authorities and implement all legal requirements so that your building is legally compliant at all times. Our SPIE experts are familiar with all official requirements, be they of a structural or technical nature or from the field of environmental protection.
We regard reporting and documentation obligations not as bureaucratic hurdles but as our evidence of a job well done on your behalf.

The icing on the cake
In addition to the standard services offered by an operator, we also guarantee to operate your properties in a cost-effective manner. We will develop shared strategies with you to optimise your building’s performance. In doing so, we identify potential savings and present solutions that can deliver substantial cost savings for you. 

An overview of management services:

  • Management concepts
  • Optimising building operation
  • Operating all building technology
  • Uncovering potential savings and concept development
  • Operator responsibility and legal certainty in building management
  • Reporting
  • Warranty management
  • Contract management