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When it comes to substantially shortening development times and maintaining the quality of your model series in production at a constant high level, custom test stands that are aligned with your test runs can help. We ensure that you can carry out your quality inspections.

We maintain your test stands. For example, we offer customers the inspection of the most diverse high-frequency milling spindles, of the type used in large milling machines, on our specially developed spindle test stand. The inspections are carried out to the specifications of the manufacturer of the high-frequency milling spindles and the manufacturers of the high-speed bearings used.


We maintain test stands for the following parameters:

  • Output
  • Vibrations/running noise
  • Clamping pressure
  • Release pressure
  • Tool fitting forces
  • Leak-tightness of water and hydraulic systems
  • Power consumption
  • Sensor settings
  • Short-circuit
  • Concentricities