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As a multi-technical service provider, we focus our technical services on buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructures and offer appropriate consulting services. We provide our services in areas ranging from cleanrooms to industrial sites, from data centres to hospitals and from event locations to sports arenas.

Expanding our service spectrum

Through acquisitions, we have steadily expanded our service spectrum over the last few years – and we want to pursue this strategy in the future. As we see it, we can only offer our customers the best solutions if our company continues to evolve.

Following several acquisitions, we have further expanded and consolidated our expertise in the areas of information, communication and safety technology and in industrial, automation and electronic engineering. Our colleagues at LÜCK Unternehmensgruppe, SPIE Fleischhauer and SPIE Hartmann represent an integral and important component of the SPIE GmbH group of companies. The same applies to the workforce at SPIE COMNET, whose expertise in the fields of unified communication and collaboration as well as network technology is expanding our service portfolio. By acquiring SAG GmbH in 2016, we tremendously broadened our service portfolio in the field of energy infrastructures.

Our service spectrum is extremely diverse. No matter what technical service you choose: you can be sure that we are thoroughly familiar with it.