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SPIE, a company with a proud tradition and a company history with French roots dating back more than 100 years, was established in 1900 in Paris for the purpose of electrifying the Paris Metro. Since then, the company has grown steadily to become a market leader for technical services in Europe.

SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa is a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the European independent leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and is the leading multi-technical service provider for buildings, facilities and infrastructure in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa has more than 14,500 employees in over 200 locations.

Our history shows how we have become the team we are today.

SPIE successfully acquires the LÜCK Group

Through the acquisition of the LÜCK Group, SPIE significantly develops  its competences in the area of Mechanical and Electrical services (M&E). With around 1,000 employees and headquarters in Giessen, the LÜCK Group has become part of the SPIE GmbH company network in May 2017.

SPIE and SAG join forces

End of March 2017, the SPIE Group has successfully completed the acquisition of the SAG Group. Thanks to SAG, SPIE can grow further in Germany and Central Europe, and strengthen its position as European leader in multi-technical services. SPIE is therefore the only multi-technical services provider in Germany and in Eastern Europe who is able to cover the whole technical services portfolio for buildings, systems and comlex industrial areas. In Germany, the new founded company SPIE SAG GmbH will cover this services in the area of energy infrastructures.

SPIE acquires GfT

In September, SPIE took over GfT – Gesellschaft für Elektro – and Sicherheits-Technik mbH, thereby further expanding the regional presence of ICS activities.

SPIE acquires COMNET Group

The COMNET Group with more than 200 employees and its head office in Isernhagen, Germany, was acquired by SPIE in August. COMNET offers solutions and services in the areas of information and communication technology – with in-depth expertise in unified communication and collaboration.

SPIE bolsters its presence in Poland and Hungary with AGIS Fire and Security

The acquisition of AGIS Fire and Security Group in August saw a further 200 employees in Poland, Hungary and Finland transfer to the SPIE Group. As a specialist in the areas of fire prevention and security and building management technology solutions, AGIS represents a valuable addition, particularly for the Polish and Hungarian market presence of the SPIE GmbH Network of companies.

SPIE takeover of Hartmann Elektrotechnik

In January 2016, SPIE took over ICT company Hartmann Elektrotechnik GmbH, marking yet another step in the network's consistent strategy development as a multi-technical service provider that defines and shapes the sector.

SPIE takeover of CROMM + CO GmbH

In November 2015, SPIE acquired CROMM + CO GmbH, a specialist in information technology, data networks and fibre optic technology

Added reinforcement from Johnson Controls Technischer Service

As part of an asset deal, SPIE agreed the takeover of employees from Johnson Controls Technischer Service GmbH, further expanding its competency in the area of cooling.

Purchase of ICT and media technology specialist Fleischhauer

In June 2014, SPIE GmbH acquired the ICT and media technology specialist Fleischhauer, bolstering its position in this increasingly important segment

Markus Holzke takes over as Managing Director at SPIE GmbH

In April 2014, Markus Holzke replaced Dr Heinz-Werner Grebetook as Managing Director of SPIE GmbH

Integration of SPIE Deutschland System Integration GmbH

In January 2014, SPIE Deutschland System Integration GmbH was integrated into the SPIE GmbH Network of companies

SPIE GmbH founded

In September 2013, SPIE S.A. acquired the Service Solutions segment from Hochtief Solutions AG and establishes SPIE GmbH

Market Entry SPIE in Germany

With the founding of SPIE Deutschland Systemintegration GmbH the Company presents itself to the German Market for the first time. 300 employees offer services in the fields of building technology, information- and communication networks as well as services for security systems.