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CHP of the month March 2018

for the project Klinikum am Bruderwald

Since 2007, SPIE Energy Solutions has been supporting Stadtwerke and Sozialstiftung Bamberg in the efficient energy and media supply for the Klinikum am Bruderwald. A new high-performance combined heat and power plant (CHP) continues the long-standing energy-efficiency partnership and increases the use of heat as well as own electricity production in the Bamberg hospital. The trade journal Energy & Management, which selects the CHP plant of the month each month, has selected the new combined heat and power / steam / cooling system in the Klinikum am Bruderwald in March 2018.

Energy Efficiency Award

for the Project AIXTRON

AIXTRON has been trusting SPIE in the field of energy efficiency since 2016. In 2017, AIXTRON won the Energy Efficiency 4.0 category and received the Energy Efficiency Award 2017 from the German Energy Agency (dena). Since 2007, dena has awarded this award in order to put outstanding energy efficiency projects and services in the public eye.


for the Project Klinikum am Bruderwald

The SPIE-project Klinikum am Bruderwald der Sozialstiftung Bamberg has been awarded Energie.effizienz.gewinner (energy.efficiency.winner), the prize was given by the region ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V.. which Awards companies and projects focusing on comprehensive energy efficiency measures and are serving as models in the field of climate protection.

German Cooling Prize

for the Takeda Pharma project in Singen

In recognition of its energy efficiency solutions at Takeda Pharma in Singen, Germany, SPIE Energy Solutions was awarded a prize by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and non-profit organisation co2online in the category “Measures to Reduce Emissions by Partial Refurbishment of Cooling or Air Conditioning Systems”. SPIE developed a combined heat, power and cooling system for the pharmaceuticals company.

European Energy Service Award

for the Postbank project

The innovative lighting concept implemented by SPIE Energy Solutions at various Deutsche Postbank AG locations throughout Germany was recognised with the European Energy Service Award

SPIE Polska: Manufacturing Excellence Awards

SPIE Polska received an award in the category of Facilities Maintenance and Property Management.

Best Facility Services Provider

In November 2015, SPIE topped the annual ranking compiled by Bell Management Consultants in the category for providers with a turnover greater than EUR 300 million

SPIE Polska: Eurobuild Award

"Facility Management Company of the Year"

For the fourth year in  a row, SPIE Polska won the prestigious award for outstanding customer focus and high-quality services in the Facility Management sector.

Best Practice Label - Lighting

for the Suhl Clinic project

As part of a comprehensive energy efficiency concept, SPIE Energy Solutions implemented measures to optimise the energy consumption of the lighting systems at Suhl Clinic. A total of 900 fluorescent tubes were replaced with LED tubes. This led to a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Best Practice Label - Cooling

for the Börse Stuttgart project

A bespoke cooling concept developed by SPIE Energy Solutions implemented the special requirements of Börse Stuttgart and delivered electricity savings and reduced the consumption of cooling energy.

Energy Solutions: Contracting of the month (March)

for the Suhl central clinic project

Expansion of the new energy supply at the central clinic in Suhl.

Contracting Award

for the Takeda Pharma project in Singen

The jury comprising AGFW, BVT Holding and the Energie & Management Verlagsgesellschaft presents this award every 2 years to an exemplary contracting project. At the pharmaceuticals facility in Singen, Germany, SPIE Energy Solutions implemented comprehensive energy-saving measures, which were also guaranteed on a contractual basis because both companies entered into an energy partnership.

BUND Label “Energy-Saving Hospital”

for the Stuttgart Hospital project

Following the optimisation measures implemented by SPIE Energy Solutions, the Red Cross Hospital in Stuttgart was awarded the the BUND quality label.

German Cooling Prize

for the Heideblume Molkerei project in Elsdorf-Rotenburg

In the category “Climate-Friendly Use of Cooling Machines in Food Production”. This award is presented by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the non-profit organisation co2online in recognition of projects in the area of cooling and air conditioning technology that are exceptionally energy-efficient. In this particular project, SPIE Energy Solutions reduced the customer’s CO2 emissions by around 60 percent.

Good Practice Energy Efficiency

for the Molkerei Heideblume project in the Rotenburg district of Elsdorf, Germany

Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) awarded SPIE Energy Solutions the Good Practice Label for its project at Molkerei Heideblume Elsdorf-Rotenburg AG.

European Energy Service Award, Lighting

for the Staatstheater Hanover project

The European Energy Service Initiative awarded SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH for an innovative lighting concept for Staatstheater Hannover, where the energy experts installed modern LED technology to cut the energy costs of the lighting system by up to 80 percent. The European Energy Service Award has been awarded since 2005 to companies whose services are devoted to achieving greater energy efficiency in Europe.